Advisory Projects

In addition to our ongoing partnership model, we offer one-off advisory projects which can help target specific gaps in your current program.

These can take the form of one-off workshops or training sessions, to more formal projects where we work with your organization towards a specific output.

We have both structured offering based around our advisory model, and also work on bespoke projects depending on your organization’s requirements.

How do I design an XM program to achieve our business objectives?

Program Sponsorship – Proof Points, Champions and Exec Buy In

Customer Journey Mapping

Survey and Reporting Design

XM Governance and Change

How do I engage both our customers
and employees in the program?

Internal Communications

Target and Incentive Setting

Closed Loop Feedback Design and

Frontline Engagement / Huddles

System Training for Employees

Employee Experience

How do I use the feedback to drive

Results Analysis Training

Cross Functional Change Committee

Investment Prioritization Model

Communicating Success (Internal and

Get in touch with us here to learn more about our individual advisory projects and how they can help your program.